Ubuntu – How to make touchpad settings stick on Ubuntu 14.04.1 (Trusty)


We've installed Trusty on a 2008 MacBook 4,1 as the sole OS for the machine. The install went off without a hitch; however the touchpad was frustrating to use.

We were able to correct for this by changing the touchpad settings via the command line using:

synclient FingerLow = 10
synclient FingerHigh = 20

These settings are great, but they reset every time the machine is shut down.

We've looked through all the documentation we could find; however in this case, none of it seemed helpful. We are running stock Trusty LTS with the stock Unity desktop.

Question: Who knows how to get these settings to stick.

Best Answer

    1. Go to the dash
    2. Type gedit and click the icon
    3. Copy-paste the following text into it:

      synclient FingerLow = 10
      synclient FingerHigh = 20
    4. Save the file in your home directory in the bin directory calling it TouchPadFix.sh

    5. Press Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following command: chmod +x ~/bin/TouchPadFix.sh
    6. Go back to the dash
    7. Type startup
    8. Click Startup Applications
    9. Click Add
    10. Enter in the command field: TouchPadFix.sh and type in Name and Comment whatever you want (Don't leave it empty)
    11. Click Add

    That's it!

    Next time you reboot the settings will be sticky!