Ubuntu – How to make Ubuntu 18.04 / 18.10 desktop use Unity (be like Ubuntu 14.04)


I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 and I'm not keen on the desktop environment. I want the desktop env. I used to have in Ubuntu 14.04. How can I get it?

I've attempted to use this answer, but when I try to install the Unity's 7.2.5 version using the command:

apt install unity=7.2.5

it gives me

E: Version '7.2.5' for 'unity' was not found

For sure I need to add a PPA for this, but which one!?

Best Answer

  • To install Unity you need to follow these steps:

    • Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and use the following command:

      sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop
    • At the installation time, you’ll be asked whether you want to switch to LightDM.

      Configuring lightdm

      A Display manager is what you see on the login screen.

      • If you want Unity like login screen: select lightdm
      • If you want to keep the default login screen in Ubuntu 18.04: select gdm3

      Just select the one you want and press enter to move ahead with the installation procedure.

      Choosing default display manager

    • Once the installation is complete, restart your system. At the login screen, click on the Ubuntu symbol in LightDM or gear symbol in GDM.

      Login Screen

    • In here, you can see the option to use Unity desktop environment.

      Choose Desktop environment

    Source: It's FOSS

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