Ubuntu – How to make your own Linux distro based on Ubuntu


I want to create an Linux distro based of Ubuntu 14.04 with a graphical user interface(GNOME) and cool terminal theme.

Best Answer

  • Creating Ubuntu distros is a common solution since Ubuntu itself became very popular as a desktop linux. Today, lots of projects are Ubuntu based, much beyond the official "flavors", Canonical's name for the official Ubuntu based distros. Linux Mint is an example of a Ubuntu based distro with a bigger level of customization.

    To get the recommendations, go here. Those are stated as "unofficial", and very important info is there, such as reasons why one should do such a derivation, or not. Beyond that, it offers good practices to do the distro without loosing the benefits of an Ubuntu distro, and maybe more important, make your efforts more easy for the Ubuntu community to benefit from.

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