Ubuntu – How to mount NFS through nautilus


I have an NFS share that I need to connect to (for reasons of speed).

If I try to connect through Nautilus->Connect to Server, I get the error "This file server type is not recognised."

Nautilus Connect to Server NFS attempt showing "This file server type is not recognised."

I have looked for a Nautilus plugin and only found nfs-lan, which appears not to have been touched since 2013, and which also appears to fail a number of package checks.

nfs-lan package fails package checks due to bad quality
Now, these look minor issues, but it's not a good sign.

Is there any better option for mounting NFS shares through Nautilus?

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** Interim Answer **

I'm still trying to get the dialog to work properly but, as a temporary workaround, I thought I should share this:

Tested in 15.10, 16.04, and 16.10, if you create a mount point for each NFS mount in /media/[username] like this:

sudo mkdir /media/user/Kn-Qmultimedia
sudo mkdir /media/user/Kn-Public

And then add the intended NFS mounts to /etc/fstab (sudo gedit /etc/fstab) like this:  /media/user/Kn-Qmultimedia  nfs user,noauto 0   0   /media/user/Kn-Public   nfs user,noauto 0   0

Then Nautilus will show an NFS mount in the bookmarks that is cleanly mountable and unmountable:

Nautilus showing NFS mounts from fstab

Not quite the answer, but it doesn't hurt as much and you can use it until I find the proper answer. :-)