Ubuntu – How to move the “Show Applications” icon in Ubuntu Dock


Ubuntu 17.10 introduces the GNOME Shell with the Ubuntu Dock (based on Dash to Dock GNOME Shell extension) and it allows you to put the Dock on the bottom of the desktop:

Ubuntu 17.10 Dock on the bottom of the desktop

However, there is no easy way to move the Show Applications icon (shown on the right) to the left of the Dock. There is no such setting in GNOME Control Center. There is already a bug filed, but does anybody know any workaround until it gets fixed by Ubuntu Dock developers?

Best Answer

  • If you don't like to run command then open dconf-editor( by simply click show applications icon and search dconf) then go to

    org > gnome > shell > extensions > dash-to-dock

    and search for the show-apps-at-top and make it on

    See screenshot for your reference:

    enter image description here