Ubuntu – How to open directories in geany IDE


I have a directory already created which has sub-directories in it, it was created by Eclipse IDE. And now, I'm willing to continue developing the same project using a different IDE – Geany IDE.

But, It seems that Geany doesn't open directories, it only opens files, is that true?
Because it'd be really hard to develop with it. I'll have to edit a file, close it and open another file, which is not effective when navigating between different files.

What I tried to open a directory:
I opened Geany, went to Project->open->/var/www/public_html/[ProjectName], then clicked enter/open. But it didn't work as expected, clicking open/enter only shows the project files in the file browser.
I'm assuming that I have to create a special file(*.geany or something) and put it in the project root folder to make it a valid Geany project, is that true? if so, then how can I create such a file.

Extra Information:
I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, picked up Geany from software center, which I think is the latest version.

Best Answer

Create a new Geany project (Project > New) and set the directory to where your project files are.

I think you are mistaking the 'Documents' tab seen in the sidebar for the 'File Browser'. To see the File Browser go to Tools > Plugins and enable tick/check the File Browser plugin.

Edit: The Filename field creates the Geany project file (ProjectName.geany). The Base Path is used to run the Build menu commands (for compiling etc).

It is recommended to keep all of your files in the same directory created in the Filename field.