Ubuntu – How to open the existing file explorer and not a new one


I have a file explorer window opened and is in the background of Chrome:

screenshot with file explorer behind chrome

However, when I click on the file explorer icon on the Launcher, it doesn't open/switch to the already opened window, but instead open a new one:

screenshot with new window opened in front of chrome

How can I just open/switch to the already-opened file explorer window?

Is this a known behaviour or is it a bug?

Best Answer

You may have the "Open each folder in its own window" check box selected in the Behavior tab of File Management Preferences.

Select a folder
From the top menu bar, select Edit/Preferences
Behavior tab
Uncheck "Open each folder in its own window"

It would help to know which version of Ubuntu you are using; this answer is a guess. Edit your question with the output of this command from the terminal:

lsb_release -a