Ubuntu – How to play AMR files in Firefox on Ubuntu


I use Evernote to keep voice and text notes.

Unfortunately, I've just discovered that I can't take full advantage of the cloud storage capabilities of Evernote, because the AMR files won't play in Firefox (or Chrome). This problem is discussed in the Evernote forums, though the information there is a little out of date.

At first I was getting a "missing plugin" error. However, since then I have installed the Medibuntu repository, VLC player, and libopencore-amrnb0 version 0.1.3-2. Now, when I open an Evernote audio note in Firefox, I see this interface:


While the plugin image seems promising, sadly, when I hit the play button (or right click and select "Play"), nothing happens.

I have also now discovered that if I download the AMR file to my computer, and open it with VLC, it plays. It also plays in Totem and Mplayer. So the problem seems to be specific to playing AMR files within the browser.

Why would playing an AMR file using the VLC plugin in a browser be different from using the stand alone player? More importantly, how can I get Ubuntu to play AMR file directly in Firefox in Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • VLC can play AMR files. I have used VLC to play AMR files before. VLC also has an firefox plugin which can be used to play AMR files in firefox too .

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