Ubuntu – How to play full screen video on second monitor


I have two identical monitors, and when playing a full screen video on one of them using the default player or VLC and then working on the other monitor – the top bar and the launcher appear above the video. How can I avoid that?

btw. I'm using ubuntu 11.10

This is the case in Ubuntu 12.04 as well. I noticed it when connected to a TV via HDMI.

Best Answer

If you use Totem (the default video player) or possibly others you can set the video window to be "Always on top". Right click on the title bar and select it:

enter image description here

I have not actually tried this in Unity, however as noted in my comment, this is a compiz thing, and I am using compiz with gnome-panel which does exactly the same thing.

Also note this might not work in all players if they open a new window when going fullscreen. I think VLC does that so may not work. I'm not sure about mplayer.

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