Ubuntu – How to play .smil videos

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I want to see some videos that are composed of one .smil file and two .rm files.
(the .smil says to play the two videos at the same time)

If I try to play the .smil, Totem player starts but shows me just one of the two .rm, so it's not useful.

I used to play them with reaplayer, but I seen that is no more supported, so I was wondering if there was a better solution.

Best Answer

  • You will have to choose one because I haven't got much experience with it but here is a list of capable players for .smil files: http://www.w3.org/AudioVideo/#SMIL

    Apparently http://www.ambulantplayer.org/ can play all the formats of smil files so I would recommend you start with this one.

    You can build the source code following the instructions here.

    Hf and gl ;)