Ubuntu – How to properly add repository of different release


Provided Ubuntu 16.04 installed I want to add artful (17.10) repository to be able to install additional packages.

Simply doing this seems to be not enough as there also seem 'artful-updates' and 'artful-security' repos available:

/usr/bin/add-apt-repository -y -u 'artful'

Does this mean if I do not install these additional repos I may end up with non-secure package installed?

Should I install everything instead like this?:

/usr/bin/add-apt-repository -y -u 'artful'
/usr/bin/add-apt-repository -y -u 'artful-security'
/usr/bin/add-apt-repository -y -u 'artful-updates'

Best Answer

Ah. Generally speaking it's not a good idea to pull packages from releases other than the one that you are operating - they have been compiled for the kernels included in the release, and to work with the newer versions of other packages and libraries.

I believe that if you were to simply add all of the Artful repositories in the manner you are suggesting, that you system would attempt to do something looking very much like a full distribution upgrade, as almost every package that you have in 16.04 has a newer version in 17.10. Upgrading in this manner would be interesting to watch, but probably doomed for failure.

If you are looking for a specific package, please try to examine launchpad.net - most of the release package files are there, and often in newer versions packaged for your release.

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