Ubuntu – How to quickly access the Unity Launcher


Quite a basic question: I've noticed that to show the launcher when it's hidden that I have to move the mouse to the top left of the screen, rather than simply move the mouse to the left edge of the screen. Is this a bug or is it like this by design? If so, is there a way to make it show when the mouse is at the edge?

Secondly, is it possible to prevent the launcher from only coming half into view if the mouse is moved slowly over the menu button? Sometimes I want to show the launcher but I've moved the mouse too slowly (usually because the pointer was already in the vicinity).

Best Answer

Recently the behavior has been changed so that pushing your mouse towards the left edge of the screen reveals the launcher.

Pressing and holding the Super key (Windows logo) will also reveal the launcher. Also (while you're at it) you can press Super plus any number to activate the corresponding launcher (i.e. launch the application)