Ubuntu – How to recover Ubuntu installed with Wubi with corrupted GRUB


I have ubuntu installed inside Windows 7 using Wubi.

Yesterday, I tried installing Ubuntu using GRUB but it seem that GRUB was corrupted. To recover, I fixed the MBR using the Windows 7 CD.

Now Windows 7 is booting from GRUB menu, but when I select Ubuntu the system reboots.

How can I fix the problem of booting into Ubuntu? I can see the Ubuntu installed in the Windows 7?

Best Answer

One way would be to use EasyBCD, a free tool which is like Grub editor for the Windows Boot Manager.

The steps involved would be :

  • Install EasyBCD
  • Add an entry for Ubuntu (Wubi) using EasyBCD
  • Open a command prompt Win+R -> cmd and then type bcdedit
  • Note the entry (device-id) for Ubuntu that you just made
  • Run bcdedit /set {device_id} partition=X: (This is if your Ubuntu wubi was installed somewhere other than C:\)
  • Run bcedit /set {device_id} path \your_ubuntu_path\winboot\wubildr.mbr and substitute the correct path to wubuildr.mbr on your system

Source: How To Restore the Wubi Ubuntu Bootloader via How To Geek