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I right clicked the title bar of rhythmbox and "un/Decorate". Now the title bar is gone. I want it back and I can't figure out how. I tried hitting D but nothing happens.

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  • Strangely, by default, there is no toggle to decorate/undecorate a window.

    You need do one of two things. Either define a keybinding to toggle or use the shortcut key to redisplay the window menu.

    Lets examine option 1:

    To do this, open lxterminal

    leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

    Search for the first instance of <keybinding>

    Then add the following keybinding:

    enter image description here

    <keybind key="W-A-D">

    <action name="ToggleDecorations"></action>


    Now run openbox --reconfigure to make your changes effective (alternatively, you can logout and login).

    You'll be able to toggle the decoration using Meta+Alt+D

    The windows key is also another name for Meta

    Lets also examine option 2:

    Thanks to Glutanimate.

    Pressing Alt+Space will display the window submenu where you can redecorate - obviously this doesnt need a keybinding, but its nice to have a toggle option to quickly turn the titlebar on/off

    enter image description here

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