Ubuntu – How to reduce or increase the number of workspaces in Unity


I was reading about how to get multiple workspaces in the mutter version of Unity, however since Compiz is replacing Mutter how do I go about adding and removing workspaces in Compiz version of Unity?

Best Answer

  • 15.04 and later

    On later versions of Ubuntu Workspaces are in the Workspace switcher. The number of desktops can be modified by installing the CompizConfig Settings Manager and changing the numbers listed under "General Options > Desktop Size".

    13.04 -14.10

    Workspaces are by default disabled on a new install of Ubuntu v13.04.

    You can toggle workspaces on/off as well as defining the number of workspaces through unity-tweak-tool Install unity-tweak-tool (sudo apt install unity-tweak-tool)

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    12.04 install

    The number of workspaces can be safely set without using CCSM through MyUnity

    enter image description here

    Move the slide-bars to change the number of horizontal & vertical workspaces

    for example 4x1

    enter image description here