Ubuntu – How to remotely display the Android on the PC


There is a thing which is called miracast, it can mirror the display of the Android phone to another monitor, but my screen doesn't have this function, am I possible to do it in Ubuntu?

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  • Scrcpy

    Scrcpy is an open source alternative that sounds promising, but I get across this bug. I didn't want to use TeamViewer, LogMeIn or AirDroid.

    This alternative also let you remotely use the phone from Ubuntu.

    1. Install adb: sudo apt install adb
    2. Install scrcpy (if you meet the requirements): sudo snap install scrcpy
    3. Enable adb debugging, the device should be listed on adb devices. Maybe you need to move to PTP and little more.

    When you get the message the Allow USB debugging? The computer's RSA key fingerprint is: [a fingerprint] is possible to check it with following command (the public key might be in ~/.android or ~/snap/scrcpy/current/.android/):

    cut -d" " -f1 adbkey.pub | openssl base64 -A -d -a | openssl md5 -c

    Also, scrcpy --help:

    The project is very active, keep track of releases and update often.

    If you like GUIs try guiscrcpy (source), a scrcpy front-end written in Python pip3 install --upgrade guiscrcpy --user. Maybe some day will be the open source alternative to Microsoft's Your Phone.


    Easy and no sign up crap. Just install it and on the app switch screen sharing on:


    Then on your browser (hopefully Firefox) pointing to your mobile's IP:


    Screen Stream over HTTP

    Screen Stream over HTTP is a nice open source alternative, also on F-Droid.