Ubuntu – How to remove a specific package from dependency list of another package


Since I'm using Qt5 I want to uninstall all the qt4 libs. I tried it with the following command

sudo apt-get remove libqt4-*

which attempts to remove all the qt4 libs but in addition it wants to remove texlive and vlc which I don't want to be uninstalled.

Is there a way to keep those two packages? I found apt-mark hold but then they wouldn't be updated, too, so that doesn't suit for me.

Best Answer

  • Those packages still use qt4 that is why they want to be removed, they depend on it.

    There are many packages that still use qt4 for there interface, just because qt5 is available, it does not make qt4 obsolete, you can have both without issue.

    I would recommend you keep qt4 as you may face issues with other applications that use qt4 and not qt5down the line.

    Why do some packages still use qt4?

    It is a lot of work to update your interface to a new language, as Ubuntu can support both versions at the same time and the difference to the end user is minimal, it is simply not a priority to update it with such a superficial update.

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