Ubuntu – How to remove/disable the Chrome/Chromium notification-center system indicator


After upgrading recently, I noticed that when running Chromium, there is a new bell icon in the system indicators area in the upper right. The menu gives the options as such:

  • Chromium – notifications
  • Do not disturb
  • Do not disturb for one hour
  • Do not disturb for one day

Are these options only available via the system indicators menu, or can I remove this icon from my view, and access the same options somewhere else? How would I go about removing this?

Best Answer

  • Open the URL chrome://flags in the browser. Now disable these flags:

    • #enable-sync-synced-notifications
    • #enable-google-now
    • #device-discovery-notifications
    • #enable-experimental-notification-ui (Chrome/Chromium 34 only)

    Click the restart button at the bottom of the site.

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