Ubuntu – How to remove the KDE 4 Plasma Tool Box/cashew icon from the desktop


I'm looking to remove the "Tool Box" icon in the upper right hand corner of my KDE 4 desktop, but can't find any configuration setting anywhere to do so. I'm new to KDE 4, so it's quite possible I just haven't found that setting yet.

Is there any way to remove that icon from your desktop, or is it just a permanent, unmovable part of KDE?

Best Answer

You can delete the toolbox cashew widget this way:

  1. Open a terminal and type: sudo -H dolphin or kdesudo dolphin enter your password

  2. In dolphin, navigate to /usr/share/kde4/services

  3. Search in this folder for plasma-toolbox, there should be 3 files named plasma-toolbox-(*something*).desktop

  4. Make backups of these in another folder and delete the originals

  5. log out and back in

Done, no more cashew :)

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