Ubuntu – How to remove the Unity Launcher


Unfortunately, the Unity Launcher on the left hand side of the screen takes more valuable space away than the new menu bar gives.

Is there any way to get rid of the Launcher?

Alternatives I would be satisfied with include:

  • Not having the Launcher at all
  • Having the Launcher hide automatically
  • Having applications open on top of the Launcher (not next to it)

(edit:) Note that I am specifically looking for a way to keep the global menubar, while getting rid of the Launcher.

Best Answer

  • 12.04 and later

    From the Gear, choose System Settings

    enter image description here

    Double click the Appearance icon

    enter image description here

    Click the behaviour tab and then toggle the autohide option...

    enter image description here

    You can re-reveal the menu by pushing onto the left-hand side of the window or the top corner depending upon which option is shown as per the picture.

    enter image description here

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