Ubuntu – How to remove Ubuntu from the dual-boot and replace it with another distribution


In Windows XP, I right click on my computer, select manage → Disk management, right click on the Ubuntu partition and choose Delete logical drive.

Can I remove Ubuntu like this? If not please suggest a way.

Note: I want to remove ubuntu 10.10 and setup Suse 11.3 instead.

Best Answer

  • There is no need to remove Ubuntu before you install openSUSE; Its installer will offer you to use the old Ubuntu partition on the hard drive.

    If you want to check which hard drive and partition this is, in Ubuntu, go to System → Administration → Disk Utility. Find your hard disk and parition and look for the "device" field. The openSUSE installer will let you install there, and wipe out all of the data that was there before. It will also install a new boot-loader and detect all of the operating systems on your computer.