Ubuntu – How to reset Byobu’s settings


Right problem is I want use Byobu I really like it BUT I messed up and changed settings in F9 and choose the screen keybindings NOW I cant get back to the F9 settings to change it back and cant use any the F keys for Byobu, its very annoying and cant find a solution anyone care to help with the matter?

I tried remove Byobu and screen without any difference made I hunted online cant find an answer either

I'm running ubuntu server 10.4

Thank you in advance.

Best Answer

    • Delete your ~/.byobu folder. This folder contains most of your keybindings, and config settings.

    • You can also launch byoby-config and change your configuration there (It does not allow changing screenbindings, only notification panel). This is the same binary which is launched on pressing F9

    • Lastly try reinstalling with a purge (apt-get purge byobu) and install it again (apt-get install byobu)