Ubuntu – How to reset the desktop to be like new


After I upgraded to 11.10, I made some mistake which totally destroyed Unity(I'm not sure at all what I did). I deleted all the configuration files that I knew of, and now at least it will start, but it's using the Raleigh theme and the Gnome icon theme. I can't do anything to change it in Gnome-Tweak or Appearance settings. The problem isn't just limited to unity; it affects Gnome, too. If login to the guest session, everything is fine.

The themes, theme engines, and icon themes are installed.

Note: I have tried everything, and no answer on this site has fixed my problem, including this one

So is there a way to reset everything back the way it was, but still keep my bookmarks, passwords, and application settings?

unity --reset doesn't work.

Best Answer

Since login to guest works nice why not create a new user, backup your files in to the new user account, delete the old user?