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I have a new laptop which came with Windows 10. I managed to make it dual boot with Ubuntu 15.10. Unfortunately I left the Windows partition(s) too large when installing from a USB stick loaded with 64 bit 15.10. My hard disk, which does dual boot from grub has the following partitions:
Screen dump in Linux

The partitions 3, 4 and 5 belong to Windows I think, whereas 6 is my Ubuntu partition. Is there any (safe) way in which I could shrink/move the Windows partitions and make the Ubuntu one grow?

Best Answer

  • Boot from Ubuntu installation media - select Try Ubuntu without installing.

    Open GParted (partition editor) - press the Windows key and type GParted.

    Shrink partition 3 (Windows).

    Move partition 4 to the left.
    Move partition 5 to the left.
    Move partition 6 to the left.

    Grow partition 6 (free space)

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