Ubuntu – How to restore a linux boot partition


First of all, I'm a linux noob (I've been using linux for a about four-five years, but only fixed problems as I got them though usually I just reinstalled everything).

I have recently installed kubuntu 9.04, then upgraded to the latest Kubuntu (10.4). Everything went smooth and I have used it OK for about two weeks.

After the latest security/bugfixes update, the bootloader got corrupted.

My questions:

Can I restore it from the 9.04 boot CD/DVD, or do I need a special rescue system?

Should I get a new live DVD for 10.4 and fix it from there?

Also, what do I need to actually fix? What utilities do I need? (What should my steps be?)

Thanks 🙂

Best Answer

(K)ubuntu 10.04 uses Grub2 and the good news is that you can restore the boot loader configuration and the MBR by booting up from the live CD. See instructions here - even though the title sounds like it is related to only recovering from windows installation, the steps there allow you to re-install the respective bootloader back on your system.

On a side-note, I think since you have upgraded from Kubuntu 9.04 your system will probably still use legacy grub boot-loader. Please check here for how to upgrade to grub2. This is strictly optional - there is a note there about why the normal upgrade process didn't change the boot-loader when you moved from 9.04 to 10.04.

Please comment if you need more info.