Ubuntu – How to restore a systemd service after editing it using “systemctl edit service”

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I used sudo systemctl edit name.service to edit a service, now I no longer need these modifications and I wish to restore it to its default setting.

How can I restore it?

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.

Best Answer

  • If you're running a version of systemd higher than of "229", then you can simply use:

    systemctl revert name.service

    From github commit:

    This allows dropping all user configuration and reverting back to the vendor default of a unit file.

    • It basically undoes what:
      • "systemctl edit"
      • "systemctl set-property" and
      • "systemctl mask" do.

    Ubuntu 16.04 uses "systemd version 229", so you should remove override file manually:

    sudo rm -r /etc/systemd/system/name.service.d

    Then reload systemd daemon and restart your service:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart name.service

    Remember that if you used --full with edit subcommand to copy the original unit instead of creating a drop-in file, then you should remove /etc/systemd/system/name.service instead of the directory.