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My Ubuntu installation got messed up because of an upgrade (on archive manager – which is definitely my fault).

Every time I boot my laptop, after logging in, its background is blue with plain and silver panels. Too many errors shows up (it always says I don't have permission viewing its content).

I have so many important files there I'm wondering if its possible to remove the HDD and connect it in my Windows PC (to create copies).

Will it work, or will it just do what it does in my laptop? Or will it mess up my PC?

Best Answer

  • It will most likely do the same if you install it in another PC.

    I suggest you boot your laptop from an Ubuntu live CD and mount the messed up disk. Then you can copy your important files to another HD, via the network to your Windows PC, an USB stick or some storage on the internet (Ubuntu One, Dropbox ...)

    After that you can try to recover your system or reinstall it, but make sure your important data is at a safe place first.

    Here more info how to recover: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery

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