Ubuntu – How to run C++ code in Geany on Ubuntu 12.10


I want run C++ in Geany, but it's not working.

Before I was trying to run Pascal but it didn't work. Then I installed fpc success run fine.

When I run C++, this error appears in terminal:

./geany_run_script.sh: 5: ./geany_run_script.sh: ./untitled: not found

(program exited with code: 127)
Press return to continue

Is there any additional plugin or something else I need to run C++ programs in Geany?

Best Answer

  • You didn't build the file, you just compiled it.

    In your screenshot we can see the compiling command g++ -Wall "-c", http://bakhtiar.web.id/wp-content/uploads/Screenshot%20from%202013-04-01%2013:15:02.png

    which means "Compile and assemble, but do not link".

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