Ubuntu – How to run keepass2


I'd like to run KeePass2 on Ubuntu 10.04 – how do I do that?

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    10.04 - lucid

    I've been running Keepass2 on Lucid using the standard mono in the repositories (mono -V = mono JIT compiler version 2.4.4)

    Note - from the keepass website this is an "unsupported" configuration... however, I'm happy with that since I've never had any issues running this configuration and it means I dont need that one extra PPA that could make my system "unstable" :)

    to install

    Download the portable KeePass package (v2.19 at the time of writing this). This is a zip package which should open in Archive Manager. Extract the contents into its own folder - for example ~/Downloads/keepass

    Install the mono windows forms:

    sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-devel

    Finally, lets create a keyboard shortcut Alt+K

    Run System - Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts

    Add a new shortcuts with the command:

    bash -c "cd ~/Downloads/keepass; mono KeePass.exe"

    Bind that to Alt+K

    To install on 11.04 and above

    It is available in the repositories, you can install it. It is the keepass2 package.

    keepass2 Install keepass2