Ubuntu – How to see a history of the terminal output, not just commands entered

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I'm trying to do some debugging in Android and I am running a live logcat in the Terminal, but the problem is that there is too much information generated so that when I am finished and try to copy all the information received by choosing "Select All" and then "Copy" a lot of the early output which is produced isn't copied. I was aware of history, but that just provides a list of commands that have previously been entered, not the output.

Can I see a history of all the output that the terminal gives, or perhaps can I have the terminal save as a text file all the output that it is producing?

Best Answer

You can append all logs to a text file by redirecting output. But this requires each command is executed like this (this will catch both stdout & stderr)

command >>file.txt 2>&1


You can record screencasts of terminal, since it stores screencast in text file, you can use that. Its called shelr

Files are stored in ~/.local/share/shelr/

Source: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/04/how-to-record-and-share-terminal-screencasts-quickly/

Note: I have no idea of android development.This answer is based on shell scripting.