Ubuntu – How to see the UDS sessions


Are the UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) sessions going to be streamed or recorded/uploaded at a later date? If so, where can I see them?

Best Answer

The videos are uploaded to ubuntudevelopers.blip.tv and the Youtube Ubuntu Channel.

These are usually not in real time but the video team tries to get them up as fast as possible, sometimes as quick as the day after a session. The bulk of the videos will trickle in after UDS has started.

The remote participation page has a list of IRC channels for the event. These correspond to the rooms a session will be on the schedule. The topic for each IRC room will have an icecast stream of audio for the room. The IRC channel is displayed on the projector in the session as you can see behind this guy:

enter image description here

So you can listen over the icecast and type into IRC addressing the room and someone will respond to your comments by just talking and you'll hear it over the icecast. It works surprisingly well, I've had full conversations with people like this in a session before.