Ubuntu – How to set different scaling on multi monitor (3 monitors)


I have 3 monitors, the left one is 4k, while the other 2 are 1080p. The problem I am having is that if I have the 1080p monitors on normal scaling, the 4k monitor is basically unusable because everything is too small, but if i set the 4k monitor to 200%, gnome automatically changes the scaling of the other 2 monitors and makes them unusable due to everything being too far zoomed in.

What can I do here?
Is there anything in gnome tweaks that can fix this?

Best Answer

This works fine in my case, using 3k notebook and 1600px monitor with different scale:

  1. open dconf editor
  2. /org/gnome/mutter/experimental-features
  3. Disable "Use default value"
  4. write custom value: ['scale-monitor-framebuffer', 'x11-randr-fractional-scaling']
  5. now you can use different scale for each screen in the display settings

dconf setting capture

scale 200% in screen 3000x2000px

scale 100% in secondary screen 1600x900px

test in: ubuntu 19.10 gnome 3.34.2 regards