Ubuntu – How to set encoding in gedit 3.2


I can not display file coded with GBK.
In gconf-editor of gnome 3.2 , I can not find encoding item of gedit .
How to set it ?

Best Answer

  • I don't have a file encoded in GBK to test the solutions, but do try them.

    Option 1: Run gedit and then open the file:

    • run gedit

    • click open

    • select in the encoding combo "add" and add GB18030 (or GBK)

    • select that encoding in the combo

    • select the file

    Option 2:

    • install and run gconf-editor

    • Find /apps/gedit-2/preferences/encoding key "auto_detected" and set it to:


    Remember to backup the previous value of auto_detected!!

    Option 3: Using dconf (the "newer" gconf, used in ubuntu)

    dconf read /org/gnome/gedit/preferences/encodings/auto-detected

    Save the result (backup)!

    dconf write /org/gnome/gedit/preferences/encodings/auto-detected "['CURRENT', 'GBK', 'GB18030', 'GB2312', 'UTF-8', 'UTF-16']"


    To reset it to default: a) use the option you backed up from dconf read command

    or b) try:

    dconf reset /org/gnome/gedit/preferences/encodings/auto-detected
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