Ubuntu – How to set environmental variable PATH


I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 and downloaded jdk7 from java.sun.com. That jdk is a compressed file and on extraction there I got all the files and folders of jdk1.7.0.

But now if I tries to compile a java program than there is an error that javac not found.
How could I set PATH of jdk1.7.0\bin to use javac everywhere?

Best Answer

  • A better way to install the Sun JDK is like so:

    Use update-alternatives to do all the heavy lifting for you.

    In any case, updating the PATH is a very basic command.

    • In the default bash shell:

      export PATH=$PATH:/your/path

    • For csh use:

      setenv PATH $PATH:/your/path

    Edit: Note that this is indeed the instructions for installing Java 6 and not Java 7, which is still - as of now - not available in any official repository or ppa.