Ubuntu – How to set identical keyboard shortcuts when in a different input language Kubuntu 16.04


For example, in Firefox when I press ctrl + l the url is highlighted. When I change to Hebrew and press ctrl + l (actually ctrl + ך) nothing happens. How can I make all of my keyboard shortcuts work while in a different language?

Most of the similar questions I saw posted here said that it is a bug that will be fixed in the next version. Those posts are all from over a year ago, has the bug been fixed?

Best Answer

  • Shortcuts including a character seems to be bound to that character, not to a particular key. For instance, Ctrl+A selects all text when you are typing. If I switch to a French keyboard layout that's still true, even if A is now accessed through another key (i.e. the key which you use to type Q with an English (US) layout.

    However, it does not work with non-latin layouts which lack the corresponding English characters. There is a bug report about the problem.