Ubuntu – How to share videos from Ubuntu touch


Hi can anyone help me here, when I take a photo on my BQ 4.5 I have options to share from my gallery. When I take a video I can't work out how to share the same options are not available when watching the video.

I like to take video notes, to help remind me of things, I have found that I now use my girlfriends phone more than my own, as with that (HTC android) I just shoot the video straight away I can share on google drive and view it from anywhere & on any device…
Really shouldn't be using someone else's phone when I have my own, there must be an easier way!

Hope someone can help.

~~Edit~~ Ok so worked out you can't share video from "media player" when viewing videos but you can through "photo roll" (or gallery before hitting play) although the video is just a black screen with white play arrow so it's hard to know which video you are sharing. Also it only appears to share through telegram, anything else I can download to share it? I want the video myself on my desktop (iMac) can't work out how to get this at all.

Best Answer

  • For sharing videos with dropbox you can use udropcabin. while downloading from udropcabin you have many options for sharing like Notes and Dekko app. by using Dekko you can mail yourself :). For transferring files and other data you can wifi transfer app.