Ubuntu – How to start an application maximized without decorations in gnome-shell


There is a possibility to configure application (for me darktable) that start in full screen mode without the title bar (I use GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 11.10)?

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This was achieved using devilspie to start darktable maximised, followed by my linked answer to remove the window decoration.

Note - I tried this with the devilspie "undecorate" command but that just left an annoying blank space where the decoration would be

install devilspie

sudo apt-get install devilspie
mkdir ~/.devilspie
nano ~/.devilspie/darktable.ds

copy and paste the following:

  (is (application_name) "darktable")
       (spawn_sync "/home/dad/decoration.py")
       (spawn_sync "/home/dad/decoration.py")

N.B. substitute /home/dad/decoration.py for the full-pathname to the undecorate script. Save.

Finally, make sure devilspie start in your startup-applications.

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