Ubuntu – How to stop “aptd” from maxing out the CPU

11.10cpu load

After running the "top" command in the terminal, I see "aptd" running which causes the cpu to run at 100%. If I'm updating the system, or installing a software, I see it. I only recently noticed it. Is there anyway to stop it or tell me what is its function?

Best Answer

  • aptd is the service that installs software for Ubuntu Software Center and Update Manager. It runs as a separate, background process so that the installer can have root privileges while the GUI runs under your own user ID.

    You should not stop aptd while software is installing: killing it will interrupt the installation, and possibly break the package system.

    If you are not installing software and still see aptd using CPU time, then it's likely that you have the system set to automatically check for updates; those automatic update checks also use aptd.