Ubuntu – How to stop Geoip from connecting to the internet every time I boot


I'm trying out ubuntu 12.04 and I noticed that a process called Geoip is connecting to the internet at every boot/login. Why is this necessary? How do I disable this behavior?

Best Answer

  • I stumbled upon a way to disable this connection (this may only apply to 12.10).

    • Open your dconf editor: $ dconf-editor
    • Navigate to the com/ubuntu/geoip option
    • Set the value of geoip-url to nothing "".

    Done. Happy days, no more geoip connections.

    Disclaimer: I don't know if there any negative effects of disabling geoip provider connections in the way described above, because I still don't fully understand why this connection must call home.

    See the SO question I have permanent connections to Canonical servers, what are they for? for more details.