Ubuntu – How to stop terminal and firefox from launching on startup


Hi everyone and first of all, thanks for your attention – I appreciate it!

Here my problem. I'm new to linux, although I'm a web programmer so command line doesn't look weird to me, and I'm now running Xubuntu. I have made several configurations and installations and it's now working fine, except for this weird thing: terminal window and firefox browser are launching as soon as I log into my account. Does anybody know how such thing could be happening?

I have rebooted several times, logged in/off as well, but both terminal and firefox window come up automatically every time I start a session.

Has anybody run into this before? How can i find a solution to make those apps NOT start on startup?

Thanks again! Hope someone can help me hehe

Best Answer

There are two possible reasons why the application is started: It is saved in the last session or it is listed in the auto started applications. Follow 1 of the two steps below to get rid of the applications.

  • Start the xfce4-autostart-editor and remove the application(s). You can also manually delete those files in ~/Desktop/Autostart and ~/.config/autostart.

  • Most of the time closing all the applications and save your session when you logout is sufficient. If this doesn't work, remove the content of the ~/.cache/sessions/ directory when you're not logged in. And if you don't want xfce remember every session you should turn off (uncheck) “Automatically save session on logout” in Settings Manager → Sessions and Startup (tab General)

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