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I would like to type Hebrew in Ubuntu. I tried downloading the Hebrew language pack and then setting altshift as my layout-change shortcut in the Options section of "Keyboard Layout".

However, when I actually press altshift, nothing happens. How can I switch my keyboard layout to Hebrew?

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  • Ubuntu 17.10 and newer (GNOME Shell)

    From this answer: After adding the desire languages (on Settings -> Regional & Language) by default use Super + Space or the top bar menu:


    Ubuntu 13.10 to 17.04 (Unity)

    As of Ubuntu 13.10, it is now called Text Entry Settings instead of Keyboard Layout

    It can be reached through either of these methods

    1. Going through System Settings -> Text Entry
    2. Using the App Indicator as shown in the screen-shot below.

    App Indicator icon

    Ubuntu 13.04 and older

    Seems you forgot an important step.

    1. Download Hebrew language support. You can do this from the Install/Remove Languages section of "Language Support".
    2. System Settings -> Keyboard Layout -> "+" -> "Hebrew" -> Add
    3. System Settings -> Keyboard Layout -> Options -> Keys to Change Layout -> mark [alt]+[shift] (this step is optional, only if you want that custom keyboard shortcut)

    An icon like this should appear in the upper-right after step two:

    The keyboard indicator

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