Ubuntu – How to tab to next file when renaming


If I am renaming a bunch of files in Nautilus quickly, when I hit Enter the file jumps to its proper place alphabetically. But that means I have to go back and find the next file I wanted to rename.

Is there any way to easily tab to the next file when renaming, like in Windows? I tried various keys but nothing works.

Note: I am not looking for a batch renamer like the rename command, I am renaming a handful of files with no pattern to them.

Best Answer

I'm afraid that's not possible with Nautilus right now, everything gets reordered every time you make a change. So, your only option is doing like totti says: choosing another kind of ordering so file order doesn't change if you rename a file.

That concerns Nautilus, though. Perhaps other file managers, like Dolphin or Thunar, allow the kind of behaviour you want, but I seriously doubt it...