Ubuntu – How to take a screenshot of Chromium’s search suggestions and instant search results


I've been trying to take screenshots of Chromium's Google search suggestions as I type. I would also like to include Google's instant search results.

I tried using the Print Screen key, and also Ubuntu's 12.04 gnome-screenshot utility.

The issue is that when I press PrtScr, focus is off Chromium's window, which causes it to automatically abort the search, and show the webpage that was on the screen when I started typing a new search.

You can see in the screenshot below, that I typed www.askub, and Google's search suggestion was www.askubuntu, among other suggestions. An instant search result appeared that included this site as the first hit. But none of these things are in the screenshot.

This is a screenshot of an attempt to search for AskUbuntu

Best Answer

If you start the Screenshot application manually (search for Screenshot in the Dash), it should show a window that looks like this:

enter image description here

If you select Grab the current window and set an appropriate delay, you should be able to capture pop up menus, the web browser quick search results, etc. Just hit the Take Screenshot button, perform your quick search and wait until the delay timer completes.

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