Ubuntu – How to take ownership over an existing Ubuntu Software Center app


My name is Michael Tunnell and I am one of the project members of the download manager, uGet. uGet has been out of date in Ubuntu for over a YEAR and we are trying to fix that. (You can verify my involvement by going to http://uget.visuex.com/about)

The new Developer Portal and the My Apps feature of the Ubuntu site looks very useful for those who are creating new apps but uGet has been around for years and there doesn't seem to be a place where I can take ownership of the app in the USC.

The USC has version 1.8.2 and we are currently on 1.10.3 (it has been outdated for over a year)

We don't want to submit a new app because uGet is already in the USC and people have already installed it from there…we just want to update the existing version to the current version and be able to do that as needed.

Best Answer

Actually, the uget package is maintained in Debian. The unstable release of Debian ships with uGet 1.10.3, and the same is also true for the development version of Ubuntu.

In order to have the package updated in the current stable releases of Ubuntu (lucid, precise, quantal and raring), you can ask for a backport using the procedure detailed in the Ubuntu wiki.