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I want to backup my website using a python script.
This is the script:

import os
import time
import datetime
from subprocess import call

DATETIME = time.strftime('%Y%d%m-%H%M%S')
BACKUP_PATH = '/Backups/backups/Test/'
WEB_PATH = '/var/www/html'

TAR_CMD = "-zcf " + BACKUP_PATH + DATETIME + "-html.tar.gz " + WEB_PATH
print TAR_CMD
call (["tar",TAR_CMD])

The output of TAR_CMD is

-zcf /Backups/backups/Test/20152111-123016-html.tar.gz /var/www/html

which is correct – calling tar plus this output tars my website – ok.

When running the python script the output is:

-zcf /Backups/backups/Test/20152111-123150-html.tar.gz /var/www/html

tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive

Try 'tar –help' or 'tar –usage' for more information.

What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

You need to pass the command components as elements of a list, so you can add tar to the TAR_CMD variable and then use split(' ') to create a list of command components separated on spaces:

TAR_CMD='tar .....'
subprocess.call(TAR_CMD.split(' '))

Or directly:

subprocess.call('tar ....'.split(' '))