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I wanna transfer some files from this PC with Ubuntu to a PC with Windows 7 I don't care how to do it (ftp, samba or whatever) I wanna know the steps, I searched a lot but I can't find anything that works. Thank you.

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  • Share Folders in Ubuntu 11.10

    Objectives: Share a folder in Ubuntu and access it from Windows

    To get started, right-click on the folder you wish to share and select ‘Sharing Options’


    When prompted to install Samba services, do it.


    After installing Samba services, click ‘Restart session’


    Then click ‘Create Share’ to complete the process.


    Open Terminal Replace USERNAME with your account name.

    sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME
    sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.old
    sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

    scroll to the global section, and add the lines

    encrypt passwords = true 
    wins support = yes

    press ctrl+o and ctrl+x to save, and exit nano

    sudo service smbd restart
    On the Windows machine, go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> run and type the command:

    computer name can be ip address of ubuntu machine , to check ip of ubuntu machine , go to ubuntu machine & open terminal & type ifconfig


    Type the Ubuntu computer name and the share name of the resource.

    You will get a prompted to enter your credentials. Type your Ubuntu username and password and click ‘OK’


    Now try again to access the shares from your Windows machine


    Transfer files From Ubuntu To Windows

    On Ubuntu Machine install openssh-server

    sudo apt-get install openssh-server

    after installing go to windows machine & download / install FileZilla & open it


    • Host = Ubuntu Machine Ip address
    • Username = Your Ubuntu Machine Username
    • Password = You Username Password
    • Port = 22

    Done Now you can easily transfer files from Windows to Ubuntu OR Ubuntu to windows

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