Ubuntu – How to transfer music to the iPhone


I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and I have a first generation iphone,16Gb. The iphone is jailbroken.

Under 10.04, I was able to transfer music onto the phone. I used banshee.
Under 12.04, ubuntu can see the iphone and it's file system. But can't transfer music.

If I just plug the iphone in, rhythymbox can't see the iphone. Banshee can see it sometimes, but can't see it's music, and can't transfer music onto it. Attempts to copy over tracks fail with the error "mp3 format is not supported by the device and no converter was found to convert it"

If I plug in the iphone and start nautilus, nautilus can see the iphone, and gives me options for opening it: rhythymbox or a photo management application.

If I then open the phone in rhythymbox, I can see the music collection. But when I attempt to copy files over, the syncing process seems to take forever. The only way to end it is to cancel the sync. Afterwards, no new tracks have been added.

So, how do I transfer file over to my iphone from ubuntu 12.04?

Best Answer

  • so far the only way ive been able to put music in my iphone is by installing an app called MEWSEEK. once installed, connect the iphone to the pc, copy all the songs to the folder DOWNLOADS (just the mp3 files NOT carpets) then unplugg the iphone and run the mewseek app, go to the downloads section (all the songs u copied must be there) at the top right tap the sync option. and done it will sync the songs.

    Note: the iphone must be jailbroken, otherwise this wont work.