Ubuntu – How to turn numlock on by default on startup on ubuntu 10.04 using LXDE


What is the standard way to turn numlock on by default on startup on lubuntu 10.04?

Lubuntu installs LXDE. I saw some aother solutions for other flavours, but maybe there is a special setting for the lubuntu flavour.

I tried already numlock=0 and numlock=1 in /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf , but numlock stays off on the next boot.

All other operating systems, also other ubuntu systems, do have numlock turned on on the same machine after booting.

I installed numlockx, and it can change the value, but is this the standard lubuntu way to go? If so, what is the standard place in the lubuntu startup sequene to insert 'numlockx on', how do I set this up correctly?

I also looked at the included lxde keyboard configuration system gui tool, but there are only few options, numlock default not among them.

(Please before you mark this as duplicate consider if it really fits, I could not find this answered in this way. I am interestd to know the standard way for lubuntu (and not kubuntu or gnome) in detail.)

There is also an explanation of the lxdm config file here, but it does not really explain what "lxde numlock suport" means (how could a gui not support numlock?) and what the settings 0 and 1 mean:


If there is no other LXDE or lubuntu standard way to do it, I am planning to use numlockx and add this line:

/usr/bin/numlockx on

at the beginning of either




following the instructions found here:


Best Answer

Have you tried editing /etc/xdg/lubuntu/lxdm/lxdm.conf instead?

Uncomment # numlock=0 and make it numlock=1

Worked for me :)

More Info:

You need to have "admin" permission (a.k.a. root, or sudo) to make the change, so use...

Works for Lubuntu 16.04:

Go to your "Start button" > System Tools > LXTerminal

In terminal, type: sudo pcmanfm

After entering your password a new folder window will open, it gives you admin/root permission. Click "Up" arrow twice to find /etc folder.

Then navigate to /etc/xdg/lubuntu/lxdm/lxdm.conf

Right-click on lxdm.conf and choose Leafpad to edit and make changes.

To make changes, replace # numlock=0 with numlock=1

Now click Save, and close Leafpad. Done.

You no longer have admin/root permission after window is closed. To "Uncomment" simply means removing # symbol, which will "activate" the command.