Ubuntu – How to type [ and \ with a Mac keyboard


I am using a Mac with an Apple Wireless Keyboard – French.

I have installed Ubuntu as virtual machine by VMware Fusion. The keyboard setting of Ubuntu is as follows:

enter image description here

And the preview is not exactly as Apple Wireless Keyboard – French:

enter image description here

In Mac, we can type \ and [ by:

  • \ = Option ⌥ + Shift ⇧ + :
  • [ = Option ⌥ + Shift ⇧ + 5

However, it doesn't work under Ubuntu. Could anyone tell me how to type \ and [ under Ubuntu? Also, is there a keyboard other than French, that I currently set, which fits better my Mac keyboard?

Best Answer

I'm setting on a macBook pro - same keyboard pretty much!

I've switched my layout to My Language [Macintosh] - now i can make:

[ ]RightAlt8 & RightAlt9
{ }RightAlt7 & RightAlt0

So it's pretty much the best solution i found, as it makes it manageable by doing it as windows normally do, but it's sorta off from the normal mac way.

On a side note i have my Cmd button mapped with Ctrl and made some changes so it functions almost like Cmd button in OS X. - This way i lost the Super key but it's more to my liking ;)

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