Ubuntu – How to uninstall glances

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I have used only this command to install glances:

curl -L bit.ly/glances | sudo /bin/bash

Now I need to remove all the stuff that this command installed including glances. How can I do that?

thanks in advance.

Best Answer

You ran a script which have installed some packages on your system, what you have to do is to remove all of them.

Here is a list of packages:

git python-pip python-dev gcc lm-sensors wireless-tools

see which one of them you don't want anymore then remove them.

it also installs some requirements using pip, I guess you can remove them using:

sudo pip uninstall -r glances/requirements.txt 
sudo pip uninstall -r glances/optional-requirements.txt

it also creates a directory named glances where you ran the installation script, remove it simple as rm -r glances.